FAQs - Supr Pack Compostable Shipping Mailers for Sustainable Packaging!

  1. What is the shelf life of Supr Pack's mailers?

The shelf life of the shipping mailer bags is approximately 12 months if kept in Sealed packaging, in a Cool environment, Dry place & away from sunlight. As a manufacturer, the team is working hard on new technologies to increase the shelf life in future. Stay tuned for good news.

  1. Can we customize Supr Pack’s home compostable shipping mailers?

Yes, as there is no branding on the front of mailers, you can put your label or customize it with us. We can print your design in most of colours. Customise now!

  1. How much time will it take to degrade in a commercial/industrial compost facility?

It takes approximately 90-120 days for the Mailers to decompose completely which is also primarily based on temperature conditions and the home composting process. 

  1. Supr Pack Mailers biodegrade in a landfill?

Properly sourced & engineered compostable materials provide a Short Carbon Cycle solution. No matter what happens to it, it will degrade back into the environment where it came from, therefore ‘Zero Long Cycle Carbon’, which is Supr Pack’s commitment & goal.

  1. What is composting, and what are the benefits of composting?

Composting is a natural breakdown of material into rich soil. Composting organic waste (yard trimmings, food waste, etc.) helps divert organic waste from landfills. When added back to land projects, compost promotes healthy plant growth, improves soil moisture retention, amends sandy/clay soils, and improves crop nutrient content.

  1. Why is a composting logo mandatory?

The composting logo is designed to address the confusion that has existed between truly compostable materials and oxo-degradable plastics by building credibility and recognition for products that meet the ASTM D6400 /En13432/AS 4736 Standards among consumers, composters, regulators, and others. It is designed to be easily recognizable and able to be placed on the actual product and packaging and sales literature. 

  1. The mailer size is not available, can you introduce a new size?

We regret the inconvenience caused to you but introducing a new size will require a bigger MOQ. If you can invest and use a 10k quantity in a year, we can give you Supr pricing and manage end-to-end procedures (Production + Logistics). Connect with us on hello@suprpack.com.au