Custom Mailer Bags for Secure Packaging

      Fulfill a promise of safety with our custom shipping mailers, available in different top-quality materials. We have two different mailer bags in Australia available for shipping different products. These include compostable mailers made of PBAT & PLA and Kraft paper Mailers. Both types of mailers are customizable with your brand logo in soy-based ink for absolute compostability. Moreover, they are available in different sizes from small items to products weighing up to 5 kg.
      The custom compostable mailer bags are made up of 20-30% PLA (cornstarch) & 70-80% PBAT (an entirely compostable Co-Polymer) & thus are Naturally Compostable, Durable, Sturdy, Writable, & Waterproof. The Kraft Paper Mailer bags are made of FSC-certified, Acid-free, non-coated & Recycled Kraft paper making them equally compostable, sustainable, and durable. 
      The manufacturing of Supr Pack's compostable mailer bags is done smartly to help you ship products with confidence. 
      Our mailer bags are safe for your products and the environment and are a smart investment. Your customers can reuse them again and again, extending their lifespan until they naturally compost in the right conditions. So, by switching to Supr Pack’s Custom Mailer bags, you're not just making a contribution to the environment; you're also making a savvy choice for your business.