Protect the environment and the garment with Supr Pack’s garment bags. With us, you can rest assured that your garments will be shipped to the customers safely in our garment bags for travel in 5 different sizes for your garments. The custom garment bags are durable, translucent, perforated, and waterproof. It is made up of 70-80% PBAT, which is a compostable co-polymer & 20-30% PLA, i.e., cornstarch. 
    Moreover, the garment bags are FSC Certified & last up to 9-12 months. Customizing the brand logo is done using soy-based ink for complete compostability. 
    Custom Garment Bags can be used for different purposes. They protect the product from dust, water & other harmful substances. The thickness of the garment bags, i.e., 30um-40um, makes them an ideal packaging solution for securely shipping to-quality fabric garments. They come with double adhesive to make the garment bags suitable for reusing them again. 
    Order a minimum of 50 garment bags and save the grace of products along with the environment. Supr Pack's garment bags are Australian & Internationally Certified.