Ziplock Bags for Preserving Freshness

    Supr Pack’s ziplock bags are guardians of freshness & preserve the true essence of the product. The zip-top wonder carefully protects the product from spilling and the environment from being polluted. Custom Ziplock Bags are Eco-friendly, Leakproof, Waterproof, Freezer Safe, and Compostable. The Ziplock Bags at Supr Pack can be customized using soy-based ink for complete compostability. 

    At Supr Pack, we have used the top-notch material to manufacture ziplock bags that are breathable, resealable, and reusable. The functionality of the compostable zip lock bags is super easy as they come with a grip seal, so a little pressure is all that is needed to close the zip bag.

    Another great thing about Zip lock bags is that the content is easy to view due to their translucent look. Supr Pack’s Ziploc bags are ideal for Storing Food Items, Medicines, Bakery and much more. Order at least 50 custom-printed Zip-loc bags and let your brand take the sustainable footprint. Don’t forget to quench people's thirst for freshly packed products.