Stylish Custom Earring Tags for Jewellery Brands

    Hop on a journey towards sustainability with our eco-friendly and compostable custom earring tags available with a minimum order of 100 tags. Our tags offer amazing customization allowing you to
    imprint your brand message with a variety of background colors in soy-based ink. The custom earring tags are made using uncoated recycled paper & are water-resistant and Eco-friendly.
    The custom earring tags have a luxurious matte finish that makes those earring tags durable. The thickness of the earring tags is 250 to 300 GSM. Each custom earring tag is Acid-Free, FSC Certified, and made using naturally compostable paper. 
    With Supr Pack’s Custom Earring Tags, you take a sustainable route for saving Mother Earth. You can order a minimum of 100 earring tags in different style types and sizes. Every time you choose custom earring tags you get a chance to reflect your branding uniqueness. So, don’t miss out on a chance to make a difference for your jewelry brand with custom earring tags