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      Standard Mailers for Perfect Packaging 

      Protect the parcels & the brand identity with our mailer packaging. Supr Pack’s standard mailers are sleek solutions for safeguarding your products during shipping. They are available in 2 different colors and 5 different sizes. The quality of the mailer packages has been kept intact, making it a suitable sustainable packaging solution. The mailer packaging bags are non-transparent, premium matte finish, writable, reusable, waterproof & manufactured by us for guaranteed quality. 
      The mailer packages are made of 20-30% PLA, which is cornstarch, and 70-80% PBAT, which is a compostable co-polymer. The quality of the mailer packaging is strong enough to hold up to 5 kg. The mailer bags are safe for shipping products and the environment. 
      But the benefits of our mailer packaging don’t end with the delivery of your product. It stays with you, the customer, until it completely composts. Our mailer packaging bags are designed with double adhesive, making them reusable. By ordering a minimum of 100 mailer packages, you're not just protecting your products, but also making a significant contribution to the environment.