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 Supr Pack - Vision & Mission!

Supr Pack is on a mission to enable the growing demand for custom packaging in low MOQ. Every compostable packaging option we provide is tailored to fit your branding requirements, ensuring that your brand is always at the top of the agenda with a green promise to your customers and the environment. All of our efforts are directed towards providing eco-friendly custom packaging solutions that cater to every business, industry, and individual. 

Supr Pack - Our Story

In essence, Supr Pack provides High-Quality, Affordable, Customisable & 100% Compostable Shipping Mailer Bags, Bubble Mailers, Custom Stickers, Custom Cards, Custom Tissue Paper, Custom Tags, Paper tape, Compostable Shipping Labels & Custom Ribbons in a wide range of sizes and colours. 

Our story is quite concise. Supr Pack was founded by two friends who quit their corporate jobs to start a company focused on manufacturing Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Custom Packaging products in Small Batches to boost branding and upscale the sales of any business or industry.

Not surprisingly, we discovered that as e-commerce and trade globalisation increased, massive amounts of plastic waste were generated, the majority of which ended up in landfills and would take years to decompose. To address this issue, we resorted to using materials that decompose without leaving a residue. We eventually decided to use Sustainable materials to make Eco-Friendly packaging.

We, at Supr Pack, have in-house manufacturing in Asia, ensuring that you get the best quality at the best price (including free shipping).

We happily extend our in-house design support by sharing mock-ups before final production of your Custom Supr Pack products and that too at no additional cost. We ensure to give you the best design & quality all in one place. 

All our products meet global certification standards including Australian Standard AS4736, American Standard ASTM D6400 & European Standard EN13432.

Supr Initiative - Carbon Free Shipping

Supr Pack has taken it upon itself to reduce your carbon footprints even more with its new initiative of Carbon Free Shipping and the great part is, Supr Pack will fund this initiative to help its customers so Supr Pack’s customer cost doesn’t increase.

Supr Packs For All

Our goal is to reach out to businesses ranging from e-commerce to multichannel, shipping to the fashion and retail industries, or brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint while providing the best price and super quality for their packaging.

Our range of Stock and Custom products: 

    • Custom Mailer Boxes - Want a Supr Sturdy and Customizable outer packaging for your products? Custom Mailer Boxes are just the answer for you. Made of Recycled materials, Mailer boxes come in 13 vibrant colours & are Compostable.
    • Custom Compostable Mailers – Waterproof and Sturdy Mailers made of PLA & PBAT are available in 3 vibrant colours and 5 different sizes coming with an MOQ of just 50 mailers.
    • 100% Home Compostable Mailers- Waterproof and Sturdy Mailers made of PLA & PBAT are available in 3 vibrant colours and 5 different sizes.
    • Custom Kraft Mailers- Home Compostable, Recyclable, Sturdy and Water Resistant, Custom Kraft Mailers are available in 2 different sizes and can be customized using Soy-based colours.
    • Custom Tote Bags- 100% Organic Cotton Tote Bags can be customized on both sides. Tote Bags are reusable and Washable and are a great addition to your branding merchandise.
    • White Custom Bubble Mailers – Water-resistant and Durable Bubble Mailers made of Kraft Paper are available in white making it easy to customize your logo and brand it. MOQ just 20 mailers.
    • White Compostable Bubble Mailers- Water Resistant and Durable Bubble Mailers made of Kraft Paper are available in white colour.
    • Custom Garment Bags- Made of PLA, Custom Garment Bags are compostable and reusable. Garment Bags are an appropriate addition to your inner packaging and branding.
    • Custom Zip Lock Bag- Resealable Custom Zip Lock bags are appropriate for storing your raw uncooked foods, apparel, and clothing. Up your packaging game using Compostable Zip Lock Bags. 
    • Custom Tissues – FSC Certified & Acid-Free Tissue Paper available in 2 different sizes and various print options with an MOQ  of just 100 sheets.
    • Plain Tissues- FSC Certified & Acid-Free Tissue Paper available in 2 different sizes and up to 15 different colours. 
    • Custom Tags and Cards – Eco-Friendly, FSC Certified and Water Resistant Custom Cards and Tags are made of Recycled Paper. THESE Custom Cards come in 2 different thicknesses and use Soy-based ink for printing. Boost your brand by personalizing Custom Cards and Tags at an MOQ of just 25 tags and 100 cards.
    • Custom Compostable and Eco-Friendly Stickers - FSC Certified, Acid-Free & Eco-Friendly Custom Stickers are 100% Compostable and are made from Recycled Paper. These Personalized Compostable Stickers are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes at the lowest MOQ of just 50 custom Stickers.
    • Compostable Shipping Labels- Eco-Friendly & OK Compost certified Shipping Labels are a perfect companion for your Custom Mailers. These Shipping Labels use a Compostable Adhesive and come in the lowest MOQ of just 1 roll.
    • Custom Compostable Ribbons- Eco-Friendly & industrial Compostable Custom Ribbons are made of wood fibre and use stable and soy-based colours for personalization. These Skin Friendly and Anti-bacterial Compostable Ribbons come with the lowest MOQ of just 5 rolls.
    • Custom Tapes- available in 2 variants- Water Activated & Self Adhesive, Custom Tapes are Eco-friendly and Industrially Compostable giving your outer packaging your brand identity.
    • HPRT Thermal Printer- HPRT Direct Thermal Shipping Label Printer by Supr Pack is a fully digital solution working on Paper Inhaling Technology that causes zero waste and is environment-friendly.

Know all about Supr Pack!

  • In-house manufacturing (Best prices in the market)
  • Small Batch Customisable products in the industry
  • Certified Compostable packaging products
  • Made of corn starch (Good for the environment)
  • Eco-friendly, FSC Certified, Recyclable & Acid Free paper
  • Real-time Live Chat Assistance
  • Free In-House Design Support
  • Same-day dispatch for Stock products (if order received before 1.45 pm - GMT +11 Mon-Fri)
  • Free Shipping & Faster Turnaround Time for custom products

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