With the rise in global warming and environmental pollution, people are getting alert to saving their mother nature. Every one of us could take little steps to creating a huge difference in bringing a positive change to society and the environment around us. We could either continue the way it has been going on or easily switch to an eco-friendly alternative lifestyle. 

Eco-friendly companies are working diligently in bringing the best solution for all of us to make the world a better place to live in. As you know, plastic bags do not get decomposed easily. It takes nearly 15 to 1000 years to break down. Also, the cost of recycling plastic is super expensive. 

You have to become the responsible citizen of your country to bring that impact and influence other people around you. The change starts from home itself. It is now the peak time to switch to an alternative source of natural things that would restrict the use of plastic. And this is where compostable bags come to existence. 

Also, entitled as recyclable bags, you will come to realise how effective and amazing the products could be. Made from completely natural ingredients taken from nature, you can never go wrong with such bags. Whether at home or for shopping, you can take them anywhere. 

Custom Mailer Bags

Here are the top 10 reasons to choosing Recyclable Bags - 

1. Costing

We won't deny, there are still some small stores that offer free plastic bags. But again, different countries have already started to charge for taking a bag. You have to do the calculation all by yourself. Are you okay to purchase plastic that is for temporary use and you keep on spending more money on it? Or will you consider purchasing a reusable Custom Mailer Bags that will be a blessing in disguise for a longer period!

2. Production

When it comes to the production of plastics, renewable sources of energy are getting at a loss. A good amount of oil and natural gas goes off which cannot be recycled. On the other hand, if you are opting for using compostable bags, you have a win-win situation on your side. You are not only taking a step towards protecting the environment but also you are focusing on the production of non-renewable sources. 

3. Recycling and Garbage Costs

Everywhere there is money involved. And you ought to accept it. Even when you are using a paper bag, the process is a little expensive for the recycling process. While plastics are piled up in the landfills and processed every year. And that is way more expensive. You already have your say here!

4. Degradation

For plastic to degrade, it takes nearly 1000 years. You are not even going to be alive by then. You are just leaving the future to struggle even harder. Rather than welcoming a zombie land, welcoming Custom Compostable Mailers, are something that you will never regret using. 

5. Businesses Adopting Eco-friendliness

Everywhere there is plastic. Even now, e-commerce businesses and small businesses are taking the initiative to switch to compostable packaging. Thus, it creates an impact in the mind of the consumers too. And that is where people too learn the idea of being loyal towards the brand as well as to nature. 

6. Environmental Impact

When you experience how the world has undergone in the past few years, with all the climatic change and global warming, you too become an active member to contribute. Rather than deforestation, using plastics and harmful chemicals, switching to something that is compostable and degradable welcomes a happier tomorrow. 

Custom Compostable Mailers

7. Petroleum

Seven plastic bags is equivalent to emitting the same amount of petroleum in driving 1 KM in your car. Rather than creating unnecessary wastage, why not switch to reusable bags. You are saving something. 

8. Landfills

Think how much space is taken by the plastics in the landfills. And the problems arousing because of the same. Why not omit plastics and create spaces for enhanced lifestyle in your country. 

9. Ecosystem

There has to be a proper chain to the life cycle. Animals feeding on proper food and not plastic. Plants getting natural humus and soil for growth and greenery. Overflowing oxygen and lessened deaths. 

10. Marine Life

Do you know that nearly 100,000 marine animals die due to such plastic bags! If you switch to a better and eco-friendly alternative, you are doing so much around you. 

You just do not get restricted to one area of bringing a change. It is everywhere. Right from your house to the neighbouring places, remember, change is the only constant. Switching to using eco-friendly bags and products will not only bring in the change in society but also in your health and lifestyle.

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