Do people care about Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging is a strong marketing tool because it can both get people's attention and change their minds about what to buy. The main goal of packaging is to keep things safe, fresh, and easier to handle. From a marketing point of view, packaging can add value to poducts by expressing brand identity and product positioning through colour, shape, size, and pictures to evoke emotions in consumers.

Consumers may pass up to 300 items per minute in a store, so sensory stimulation is a smart and practical way to stand out. Supermarket shoppers also choose products based on non-sensual aspects of packaging, like how easy it is to use and the materials used. The fact that people in Australia value ease plays a big role in their choices, but this impacts the environment. Moreover, Compostable Zip Lock Bags  are very common in supermarket.

The Australian packaging market will grow at 1.7% per year, from 47.6 billion units in 2021 to 51.9 billion units in 2026. A rising number of Australian customers are worried about the ethics, sustainability, and environmental impact of the packing industry. Because of these worries, there is a growing movement toward using wrapping materials that are better for the environment.

Sustainable Material For Packaging

Green marketing involves making and selling products based on how environment-friendly they are, either in real life or in people's minds. In the past, only businesses ahead of the curve focused on green marketing, but it's likely to be the rule in the future. Packaging with green marketing is a reaction to what people think is too much damage being done to the environment, which is becoming increasingly important to them. 

Sustainability among the youth: 

Sustainable Packaging Materials

The above data table shows that young people like sustainability. They are no longer excited about brand loyalty. People are ready to stop buying a brand if it doesn't care about the earth. This is because people in this age group have seen how bad the damage to the planet has been, and what they do in the future could make all the difference. 

What Can Supr Pack Do for You?

Sustainable packing will be the way for everyone, no matter their business. Supr Pack offers a wide range of eco-friendly packaging, from Custom Shopping Bags to Custom Embossed Stickers. Below check some variety of bags by Supr Pack:

Custom Shopping Bags:

One-time-use plastic bags are available at checkout. They usually need to be thicker and stronger to make them last as long as the trip home from the store. Everyone has had plastic bags tear from sharp objects or their handles come off from carrying big things. This could be more pleasant in the middle of your journey.

On the other hand, Custom Printed Shopping Bags are stronger and last longer. These bags are stronger than regular plastic bags and are less likely to tear, even when they are full of sharp things.

Custom Garment Bags: 

Protecting things from dirt, dust, and water is one of the most important things that Compostable Poly Bags do. Most firms rated transparency, or the ability to see the clothing and its hangtags, extremely important. Significantly, few people placed a high value on the ability to keep clothes for an extended period; similarly, resistance to tearing and stretching pressures and their organizational function were also judged relatively to be marginally relevant.

Compostable Zip Lock Bags: 

It shouldn't be surprising that what people think is the best thing about sealed packing. It's great because it keeps food fresh, preserves it, and might even make it last longer. When food comes in a package that closes with a zipper or slider, it tastes better and lasts longer. However, people still think that being able to reclose food affects its freshness, even when the food has a long shelf life without a lid.

Cold meat and cheese often have closures like zippers and slides. These work great for Reusable Ziploc Bags, too. But people are starting to expect all kinds of products to be this easy to use. 

Custom Embossed Stickers: 

A Custom embossed sticker is a great way to get your message across. Stickers are everywhere, but we only think a little about them. You can use these advertising tactics for anything, like a new phone, clothes, shoes, tools, food, signs, packaging, laptops, lampposts, etc.

Branded logo on stickers in Australia are not aggressive. Custom stickers are affordable, colourful, and have a big effect. They can help your brand stand out to the people you want to reach. 


Today, sustainable packaging is a route to making customers happy. It helps save the environment & gives the brand a new look. You get to