Tissue paper is a common choice for retailers to complete their customers’ shopping experience. In addition to wrapping jewelry and accessories, many companies use tissue paper for anything from apparel to lingerie to flowers.

With a relatively high tensile strength, the color tissue paper feels more like fabric than paper because of its lightness and softness. Thin paper fibers are colored and processed into the delicate, thin sheets we all know and love.

With tissue paper, you may make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Your packaging should reflect your attention to detail and show your clients that you care about their experience whether they come into your store or order via he online means. When you use bulk tissue paper in your packaging, you deliver a touch of class and sophistication!

Moreover, you can build a strong bond with your customers by giving them various unboxing experiences. Perhaps your customers may even post about it on social media—who doesn't enjoy excellent publicity?

If you're selling in a brick-and-mortar store or online, a great first impression starts with the packaging. These suggestions and tactics can help you make the standard carrier bag, gift box and postage box look more appealing. A few pieces of tissue paper, a tasteful ribbon, some adhesive labels, and perhaps a gift tag are all that's needed to make a beautiful gift. Combined, these factors will have a profound effect on the impression and the experience.

Some of the means on which you can use tissue paper:

  • Boxes for mailing

If you're selling jewelry online, stuff the mailboxes with tissue paper as a foundation or filler. Your customers will enjoy the pleasure of unwrapping their jewelry if you wrap it and end with a label or a ribbon. You might also include a handwritten note on a card.

  • Assorted tins for gifts

Tissue paper can be a great addition to gift boxes if you utilize them in your store. Make an envelope out of the tissue paper and seal it with an adhesive label and a ribbon to protect your jewelry. Decorate it with a stamp, stickers, or a little branch.

  • Bags

Carriers and gift bags can be given an extra special touch with the addition of tissue paper. You can use tissue paper to fill in any voids in your bag and then let it hang over the top. When you've wrapped the jewelry or gift in tissue paper, you can add a gift tag and decorate it with a lovely ribbon or gift toppers such as rosettes.

Wrapping it up!

You can choose from a variety of different qualities and patterns, as well as a wide range of brilliant colors when it comes to tissue paper. With so many options, you may pick one that is just right for your brand. The ultimate unboxing experience for your customers can be achieved using eco-friendly personalised tissue paper in your packaging solutions. We've just added a new product to our eco-friendly packaging line of tissue paper.