How to write Eye-Catchy captions for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the fast-growing social networking platforms whose active users are burgeoning year by year, businesses across the globe are trying to leverage this platform as far as possible. It is important to consider all the important aspects of content (social copy) which is posted in Instagram via post, reel, and stories. Caption is an important part of social copy, written for both post and reel.

Captivating caption make viewers scroll slow and get to know about the brand message, and a momentary engagement may lead to a sale conversion. 

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Keep your target audience in mind before drafting any caption, below are few important requisites which can be considered for the same:

  1. Start with a gimmick. Like a sale, discounts to attract your customers!

Always start with a hook, a gimmick, in order to grab immediate attention of the consumer. Compelling gimmicks can create more engagement. It also helps in gaining trust of the potential audience in particular brand.

  1. Make the draft simple and brief. Give concise and to the point information about your sale.

As the famous saying goes “Brevity in writing is the best insurance for its perusal” Draft of the caption should be brief, message should be conveyed in minimum words following a good vocabulary and proper articulation. Moreover, its should be simple and to the point.

  1. Use relevant keywords. Certain Keywords drive the appropriate accounts to your post.

Appropriate keywords create wonders, choose most effective keywords for captions. Keywords should connect to target audience; hence it should be identified with proper prior research keeping customer point of view in mind.

  1. Convey Brand message. Tell the Whys and Hows of your brand in a few words.

Ultimately the most import goal of any caption is to convey the brand message, conveying the unique value proposition (of the product) to the target as well as general market. In many cases captions are synonymous to brand message, hence it should be thoughtful, strategic, and appropriate.

  1. Include a call to action. Urge your customers to perform some action like buying something, availing an offer.

The bottom line of any business communication is to make target audience engaged hence its important to add CTA (call to action) text in the caption, this may encourage the audience to take a desired action, which will facilitate engagement and on the brighter side may convert a sale.

  1. Use relevant hashtags. In the end, hashtags are mainly responsible for increasing your reach in appropriate communities.

Hashtags can be a word, keyword or keyword phrase prefixed by a hash symbol, these helps mostly potential audience to search a post or information in social platforms, usually many of users follows relevant hashtags for future reference too.

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Hence a post, reel or a story must contain the right hashtags to facilitate better engagement and reach.

So here you go, create fabulous captions for your Instagram!