The Bubble Mailers Story!

While creating a 3D effect paper, two engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, accidentally invented bubble wrappers. After trying several ideas, they glued two shower curtains together. However, they found air pockets between the curtains' layers when the glue dried. Finally, they found the effect they were looking for and started selling a refined texture of the textured paper. Since the paper was sold for insulation purposes, it did not use it; it didn't attract users. Soon after, IBM launched its new 1401 model. A marketing man already knew that the 3D effect paper was perfect for protecting fragile items. Fielding and Chavannes invented an excellent packaging product that the World is still using to protect products safely. 

Why was Bubble Wrap Created?

Initially, the bubble wrapper was designed as textured wallpaper and later sold as a greenhouse insulator. Later, the product was sold as a packaging product. From early days, the need to package and protect the items for transport was widespread. With time, packaging has become an integral part of the delivery and a strategy to improve the consumer experience. The necessity of carrying food from one place to another led to the need to package products correctly.

Sustainable Bubble Mailers


What did People use Before Bubble Wrap?

In the ancient age, historians used treated mulberry bark to wrap foods. Later, the paper was used to parcel tea and other medical items. In medieval times, wooden barrels were seen to be used for storing and wrapping products for transportation. Rum, dry food, and water are items that people used to carry in wooden barrels. Furthermore, before bubble wrap was invented, people used to carry their products using tin cans and cardboard boxes. With the help of tin cans, one could transport food items and canned goods. The cardboard boxes helped carry heavier and larger items. It helped transport various products and items and was used to transport fragile items. 

Bubble Mailers

Customized and Home Compostable Bubble Wraps

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This article provides a brief understanding of the packaging of bubble mailers and their history. Bubble Mailers are one of the most efficient packaging materials found in the market, and they are sustainable and provide a unique look to the deliveries. You can easily customize your bubble mailers, distinguishing them from the rest of the bubble wraps present in the market. Thus, it would be best to use bubble mailers when mailing personal items or products. The customized bubble mailers provide a unique texture to your items, making them memorable. Therefore, it is recommended that you shift to a sustainable approach to bubble mailers for mailing and delivering products and items.