For long years, the ease of using plastic bags has taken a toll on society as well as the environment. People in recent years have come to understand the importance of eco-friendliness. In order to restrict the growth of plastic switching to an alternative like compostable bags has created a win-win situation for all. 

What exactly is biodegradable bags? 

Also entitled as compostable bags, biodegradable bags are a boon in disguise. The ones that are certified are legitimately compostable even at home. To acquire such multi-functionality, these bags have the ability to be broken down by living things - Bacteria and Fungi. 

How are they made? 

  • Biodegradable mailers bags and compostable packaging bags are curated from plant-based materials which are highly opposed to petroleum. 
  • They are made out of Mater-Bi that includes corn starch, biodegradable and compostable ingredients that are good for the environment. 
  • With the advancement in technology, development and production, companies like Supr Packare working diligently to enhance the strength of the bags.

Are they compostable packaging

As long as they are AS 5810 (home compostable) and AS 4736 (compostable) certified, they are compostable anywhere. Businesses are looking forward to taking a leap and switching to compostable packaging

With designing and development in technology, compostable bags have made their way to the packaging and shipping industries. 

We, at Supr Pack, are creating customized compostable bags for shipping. The aim is to collect organic waste for composting. If you ask are they recyclable? The answer is a complete Yes. As stated before, durability grade of compostable resins, using top-notch ingredients, the temperature using to sealing the bags and the elegance in designing; no one could resist drifting apart from something sustainable. 

Supr Pack has met the core standards of Australia and New Zealand. That means they will be degrading in 90 days in a proper compost pile. The active temperature for compost piles stays between 90-140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Not only this, compostable bags are always the best choice for yard waste. There was a period when such bags could rip open creating worst-case scenarios. A healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to plastics, the designing of the bag has been done in such a way that it could take up to 10 kgs of weight. Contributing less to global warming and more to renewable sources of energy. 

As a business, one of the major reasons for growth is customer relationship and management of services. Packing and shipping is a part and parcel of the segment. Using compostable packaging with for shipping with a customized logo or printed stickers and highly sleek design speaks for the brand itself. Consumers are bound to be inclined towards you. 

Compostable packaging weighing certification for proper decomposition, whether at home or industrial peripherals. Companies like Supr Pack are associating with all businesses, regardless of the size or typography to incorporating the enhanced infrastructural methods to using compostable bags in shipping.