Why move towards Sustainability?

Diving into the brief of sustainable packaging and the customers’ needs. The 2021 Global Buying Green Report researched 15,000 consumers. You will be quite astonished to know that almost 67% of consumers wanted their product’s packaging to be recyclable. 83% of consumers below 44 years of age are ready to pay more for sustainable packaging. The above statistic is sufficient to make companies realize it’s high time to put some social responsibility on their shoulders while reducing the carbon footprints and walk on a road leading to increased sales. 

Consumers today are not looking at the product value only. They have become more conscious of the environment. Their desire to choose sustainable packaging has made them contribute to the supply chain meaning they are all set to switch themselves to support the social values with the companies. On the company's part, it has become a necessity to fulfill the demands for Sustainable Packaging.  

At present, there are various types of sustainable packaging available. But, the best one is cornstarch packaging. The PLA present in this packaging is 100% compostable. No hazardous toxins or chemicals are found. The corn is renewable, sustainable and easy to produce.     

Cornstarch packaging does not contain polyvinyl chloride or dioxide, which are harmful toxins. Along with that, fewer greenhouse gas emissions are released during production. It is 100% biodegradable in nature; it can be used as an agricultural fertilizer. 

Some of the properties of Corn Starch Packaging: 

  • Highly suitable for print applications
  • Safe for food
  • Resistance to UV 
  • Compostable 
  • Resistant to food oils/fat 
  • Recyclable by regrinding 

Why does your Customer want Sustainable Packaging? 

The above-listed benefits are some of the reasons why customers’ have started choosing sustainable packaging over plastic packaging: 

#1 Customers wants to make a positive impact

Various people want to make an impact. Earlier were the old days when customers used to volunteer and make a positive contribution. But, now, customers believe inaction speaks louder than the voice. So, they have started demanding sustainable packaging by reducing their plastic footprints. 

#2 Care for Future Generations

Customers today think about the future, too, and that’s why they believe in making a difference. They do understand switching to sustainable packaging won’t make a difference overnight. But, this step helps the customers seek the right direction.

The Future

The future of packaging is in the hands of Supr Pack now, as the innovative solution to the demand for sustainability lies in our Compostable Mailers. With these, we are trying to escalate and meet the growing demands for sustainability. From cost-effective, biodegradable in just 6-8 months, we are on the verge of our green thought. So, why not attempt to sustain the future and meet your customers’ demands with our compostable mailers.