All you need to know about Supr Pack’s Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon Neutral Shipping, compostable Packaging, Eco-Friendly packaging

Supr Pack has collaborated with highly capable organisations to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and neutralise your shipping emissions. Carbon removal is the process of removing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

For example, if the truck or plane that delivers your shipment emits 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, and you selected Carbon Neutral Shipping for your order with Supr Pack, we ensure that 1kg of CO2 is sucked from the atmosphere using solutions and technologies like Climeworks and Sustaera to name a few, developed in collaboration with concerned organisations.

Numerous carbon removal technologies are in various stages of development and are part of a rapidly expanding and evolving sector. These technologies range from more low-tech ones like mineralisation and direct air capture to more high-tech ones like reforestation and soil carbon sequestration.

Since our endeavour of Free Carbon Neutral Shipping, Supr Pack has funded for the removal of 1401 kg of carbon which is also like… Charging 178,543 Smartphones.