Enhance Brand Identity with Embossed Stickers 

    Enhance your brand recognition with the exclusive touch of Supr Pack's tactile embossed paper stickers. These unique stickers will elevate your brand with elegance, making it stand out in the market. The embossing effect on your product packaging will create a perception of luxury, setting your products apart from the rest. These stickers enhance the premium look of your products, and their raised texture also protects against wear and scratches during transit. With Supr Pack's stickers in Australia, your brand will maintain a strong differentiation, giving you a privileged position among your competitors.
    At Supr Pack, we offer you the power to customize your brand's identity with our two different variants of Embossed Stickers. With a minimum order of 250 stickers, you can choose between printed embossed and blind custom embossed stickers. The raised texture achieved by embossing makes customers pay more and enhances the perceived value of your products. You have the freedom to personalize your stickers for packaging with 5 different textures and 4 different shapes, empowering you to create a unique brand identity.
    To make the stickers for packaging look high quality the quality of the embossed stickers have been prioritised. Supr Pack's embossed stickers are FSC Certified, Acid-Free, Recyclable, and Water Resistant. The embossed stickers are 120 GSM thick and are personalized using soy-based ink.
    Order stickers that are a combination of aesthetic appeal & premium quality while taking sustainable footprints.