Supr Pack's Custom Tissue Paper FAQs.

What is the Custom Tissue Printed process?
Supr Pack’s Tissues are digitally printed with soy-based ink in Pantone colors.

What is the lead time?
In total, it will take 15 working days to delivery (Production + delivery) from the date of payment & mock-up approval.

Why colours are little looking little different?
Tissue paper in generally is thinner than wrapping paper. Since the paper is 17GSM, naturally colours looks little lighter than screen. We recommend using standard colours.

How many colors can be printed?
Supr Pack’s Tissue can be customized with one or two colors. You can customise it with your logo designs in 4 different pattern arrangements and choose a custom full-page design.
Note: If you are looking to print more than 2 colours, kindly get in touch with us at for a quotation.

Are supr Pack tissue Food Safe?
Supr Pack’s Custom Tissue uses food-safe Soy-based ink. However, we do not recommend them to pack your treats. Supr Pack is soon to launch FDA-approved food-safe custom Tissues. Stay tuned!

What are the Sizes available in Custom tissue Paper?
Supr Pack’s Custom Tissues come in 2 different sizes to fit all your packaging needs.
S (380 x 500mm)
M (500 x 750mm)
Note: If you are looking for another size, kindly get in touch with us at we may be able to provide your custom size

How many days till it goes back to the environment?
Supr Pack’s Tissue being Eco-Freindly and compostable takes anywhere between 90 to 120 days to get back to earth. After use, you can put it in your Home Compost Bin.