3 Custom Tissue Packaging Ideas

Give your packages a personalized touch with your brand logo, artwork, values, or a message to your customers. Showcase your creative side in different colors and designs with Supr Pack. Deliver packages in a style that is good for customers and the environment. With small batch customizations, switch to custom tissue paper designs for special collections. We try to show a different side of custom packaging at Supr Pack. By launching our custom-made tissue papers, we have taken care to ensure packages are delivered without any harm to the environment. As we follow carbon-neutral shipping for all our orders. You can get five different variations of custom tissue paper, as mentioned below:



Custom Stickers

White Custom Tissue Paper

100 Sheets

100 Stickers  

Kraft Paper Custom Tissue 

100 Sheets

100 Stickers

Colored Custom Tissue Paper

100 Sheets

100 Stickers

Double Colored Custom Tissue Paper

250 Sheets


White Custom Tissue Paper Roll

1 Tissue Roll


Brands looking for different types of personalization can place a special order.

Let’s discuss how custom Acid-Free and FSC-certified custom tissue papers give your packages a stylish, sustainable flair. Let’s discuss some DIY tissue paper packaging ideas for your next orders:

  1. Botanical Design Custom Tissue Paper - In this custom tissue paper packaging idea, we have used customized tissue paper. We are also using black ribbon and custom brand logo stickers. In this, we wrapped half of the box with the tissue paper; on the rest of the tissue paper, we placed the ribbon at the top and rolled the half along with the ribbon. Then, we tied the two ends of the ribbon in a knot. We have pasted one custom brand logo sticker to enhance the overall look of the tissue bag packaging.

Link - https://www.instagram.com/p/CzknOhjST2J/

2. Pink Custom Tissue Paper - We are packaging a barbie doll in this packaging idea. Here, we are set free from a box design. We placed the doll in the center of the Custom Tissue Paper and created a cylindrical shape. We have one end of the barbie doll packaging. On the other end, we have folded the one end with the ribbon and tied both of the ribbon ends in a bow style. To give a more appealing look, we have pasted one custom sticker.

Pink Custom Tissue Paper

Link - https://www.instagram.com/p/Czucwf5q2mZ/

3. Red Festive Custom Tissue Paper -  In this custom tissue paper packaging idea, we show how to wrap a bottle with the custom tissue paper. In this, we have first taken the center of the tissue paper by folding it into a diagonal and then placed the bottle. We have started folding the remaining tissue papers from both ends. The remaining part of the tissue paper is tied with a ribbon to enhance the look of the packaging.

Red Festive Custom Tissue Paper

Link - https://www.instagram.com/p/C0oNnkOSrI9/

The Last Wrap!

Above are the top 3 packaging ideas using our custom tissue papers. No matter which color, design, and size of the tissue paper you choose. You can always get it personalized based on your packaging style. All the tissue papers are printed using soy-based ink for absolute composability. The Custom Tissue Paper is eco-friendly, keeping in mind the sustainable footprints. Shop now & choose to deliver eco-conscious packaging orders.