A Complete Custom Packaging Guide for Cosmetic Industry

Packaging is vital in capturing your customer's attention and establishing a brand identity in the competitive cosmetic industry. An appealing and functioning packaging protects your product and improves its perceived value. Customized packaging solutions by Supr Pack make your product stand out. The question is how custom packaging can help your brand thrive in the competitive cosmetic market. This is crystal clear as a brand; you first want to deliver your products safely to the customer but also want a memorable touch of your brand. So, let us shed some light on what Supr Pack have on their shelves.

Top 5 Supr Pack Products to Stand Out in Front of Your Customers

  1. Hex Wrap
  2. Custom Tissue Paper
  3. Custom Eco-Friendly Stickers
  4. Custom Tags
  5. Custom Ribbons

Our 5 Supr Pack Products list is curated carefully for a great unboxing experience. Add a personal touch of your brand and make your customers feel special. 

  1. Hex Wrap Paper for Super Protection

Give your products honeycomb-style pattern protection. This packaging style captures the air, ultimately protecting your products from wear & tear. All the delicate stuff like makeup palettes, lipsticks, or any cosmetic product gets the highest protection. By providing cushioning to the product, an interlocked web gets and reduces the movement of the product. 

Why Hex Wrap Paper for Super Protection?

  1. Color Customization - You get Hex Wrap Paper in 4 colours - Pink, Brown, Black & White, which gives you leverage to put your brand forward. 
  2. Boost Business Process - It reduces 25-50% the time of delivering a product to the customer as it requires less carrying time during transit.
  3. Compostable - The hex wrap paper is made of FSC Certified Kraft Paper, which is naturally compostable. 

  1. Custom Branded Tissue Paper for a Memorable Unwrapping

Gift your customers a fantastic unwrapping experience with our white custom tissue paper. Ditching the traditional void fill to cover the products and choosing custom tissue paper increases 24% the chances of customers valuing your product. You can also get your logo printed in any color on the tissue paper. 

Why Custom Tissue Paper for a Memorable Unwrapping?

  1. Brand Loyalty - Your Custom Tissue Papers can be kept for a long by the customers for future usage.
  2. Personalized Touch - With custom tissue papers, you get to offer a brand-personalized touch making your brand memorable for a long.
  3. Wow Experience - Your products can be wrapped in different styles. Giving your customers an experience like opening up a gift for themselves. 

  1. Custom Eco-Friendly Stickers for a Fun-Tastic Connection

Share a special bond with customers turning them into your brand ambassador. We cannot neglect that custom stickers are a fun way to appeal to customers of all ages. Custom stickers are initial advertising efforts that can be further reused. 

Why Custom Eco-Friendly Stickers for a Fun-Tastic Connection?

  1. Disrupt the Market - Make your customers stick to your brand in a fun & creative way with custom stickers.  
  2. Water-Resistant - Supr Pack custom stickers are water resistant, making them an ideal choice to enhance packaging without second thoughts. 
  3. Highly Customizable - The custom stickers can be customized in 4 different shapes and colors. They have super features like soy-based ink printing FSC certified and Acid-free paper. 

  1. Custom Cards for Strategic Marketing

Excite your customers with a Thank You Note, special quotes, discount codes, and more. You can customize the thank you custom cards to your brand values. The custom cards will help your brand and the customers follow eco-friendly footprints. 

Why Custom Cards for Strategic Marketing?

  1. Retain Customers - With a special message on a custom card, you can retain your customers in a fun way.
  2. Pocket-friendly - Custom cards are a modern and more personalized way of marketing your future product to customers. 
  3. Super Customization - Customize the custom cards in any design or color. The custom cards are eco-friendly and made of recycled paper. 

  1. Compostable Custom Ribbon for a Sustainable Statement

Give your product a special accent with a custom compostable ribbon, making your parcel look premium. Custom ribbons in your marketing strategy will give a glimpse of a high-quality experience. A personalized logo on the ribbon will help your customers connect with your brand. 

Why Custom Compostable Ribbons for a Sustainable Statement?

  1. Luxurious Finish - Adding a custom compostable ribbon to your product makes your product outshine the customers’ eyes. 
  2. Simple & Aesthetic Touch - The Supr Pack compostable ribbons can be customized in 13 colors. The ribbons add an aesthetic touch to the product.
  3. Environment-friendly - The custom ribbons are made from wood fiber. Overall, the quality of custom ribbons is sustainable, breathable & anti-bacterial. 

Wrapping It Up!

Above was a complete showdown of all the custom packaging solutions by Supr Pack to enhance customer experience. Each packaging product adds extra leverage in recognizing your brand and excites customers. With all of the above 5 packaging products, you elevate the unboxing experience with the unexpected power of sustainable footsteps. So, hop on the bandwagon of saving Mother Earth and offering your customers a completely customized product unwrapping expertise.