An Ultimate Guide to Supr Packaging Bags

Did You Know? Custom Poly Bags are not just the carriers. They are the silent brand ambassadors speaking style, quality, and reliability everywhere they go. They play the role of an unsung hero in the online packaging world. But every bag has different needs to fulfill. The outer of the package showcases the brand’s ethos, and the inner packaging protects the product from getting damaged. The tangible embodiment, i.e., the custom bags, let your brand stay at the forefront. At Supr Pack, we offer different packaging bags that will be discussed ahead in detail:

  1. Compostable Padded Mailers

The Compostable Padded Mailers are more than just the envelopes. They play the role of a guardian throughout the journey, starting from the warehouse to the customer’s doorsteps. Whenever you ship your packages, you send a promise of security and safety with an assurance that the products get delivered with care. The moment you pack the products in Compostable Padded Mailers, you wrap them in a cozy space. By choosing custom padded mailers, you choose the protection and comfort for your products.

Compostable Padded Mailers

2. Compostable Poly Bags

Nurture Mother Earth and your brand with our Compostable Poly Bags. Whenever you ship your products in Supr Pack’s poly mailers, you sow the seeds of a healthy planet. These mailers easily get merged with a promise of eco-consciousness, making sure your package reaches zero harmful footprints. The Supr Pack poly bags consist of 20-30% cornstarch and 70-80% PBAT.

Compostable Poly Bags

3. Leather Garment Bags 

Choose our custom garment bags to protect your leather goods from dust, moisture, and scratches. Supr Pack’s garment bags provide a protective barrier, keeping the products safe and in pristine condition during shipping. With a Custom Garment Bags, you get an extra layer of luxury. Moreover, the garment bags have a blank canvas to customize your brand logo.

Leather Garment Bags

4. Custom Printed Ziplock Bags

Deliver your products in a safe, sealable pouch to protect them from dust and moisture. These bags are especially for perishable products. The transparent look of the Ziplock bags easily makes your product identifiable. They are a convenient and lightweight bag option that customers can reuse multiple times. 

Custom Printed Ziplock Bags

5. Custom Glassine Bags 

Choose the translucent glassine bags to keep your products naturally resistant to oil and grease, making them an excellent packaging option for candles, oily cosmetics, and many more products. By using custom glassine bags, you can maintain integrity and cleanliness when handling greasy products. With glassine bags, you get an enhanced perceived value for the products.

Custom Glassine Bags

Order as Low as 50 Custom Glassine Bags

In the End!

Supr Pack offers different sustainable packaging solutions, including custom glassine bags, ziplock bags, garment bags, poly bags, and more. Depending on your product type, you can pick the packaging solution with Supr Pack,