Compostable Mailer Bags VS Mailer Boxes: Which One is Ideal?

For eCommerce brands, packaging is the second most important priority after the product, as a brand must ship the products safely with zero damage. Moreover, the packaging should reflect the brand’s impression. Wherever a brand has to choose the packaging, the businesses need to do that selection carefully. A variety of packaging options are available in the market. At Supr Pack, you will find various packaging solutions to fulfill different needs. Today’s blog thoroughly depends on helping you choose between mailer bags and mailer boxes. 

Mailer Bags - They are referred to as flat mailers. Mailer Bags in Australia come in various sizes, colors, materials, and thicknesses to fulfill various packaging needs. 

Mailer Boxes - Often known as corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes as they are made of paperboard. But at Supr Pack, we refer to them as mailer boxes. They are made of 30% E-flute, known as corrugated fiberboard, matte finish, uncoated, sturdy, and writable. 

Why Is It Important to Choose Packaging Solutions Carefully?

Packaging is the first impression of any customer. We are pretty sure you want to leave an ever-lasting impression. That can be done by ensuring your packaging looks fantastic with zero compromise on product safety. Usually, the most common packaging products amongst customers are mailer bags and Custom Mailer Boxes Online. Picking between the two is about choosing cost, sustainability, aesthetics, and protection. 

What’s the Ideal One between Custom Mailer Bags & Custom Mailer Boxes Online?

Well, the answer is hidden in the below-mentioned questions. So, firstly, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you want to ship bulky, heavier items? 
  • Do you believe in creating a memorable unboxing experience?
  • Are you attempting to reduce the shipping costs?

Compostable Mailer Bags are Ideal:

If you want to ship lightweight items such as books, picture frames, sunglasses, wallets, jewelry, essential oils, and cosmetics, then compostable mailer bags are the ideal choice. 

Some Supr Selling Points:

  • Fulfillment Speed - It is super easy to put the product inside them. You have to open the mailer, peel off the paper strip, seal it, and send it for shipment. 
  • Material Usage - The compostable mailers are made up of cornstarch with a ratio of 30% and PBAT 70-80%, which is an entirely compostable co-polymer. 
  • Easy to Size - You don’t need to ship two or three small products in a mailer box. You can simply use mailer bags as they are right-sized packaging products.
  • Storage Space - They take up less space in the warehouse and during transit, which results in lower shipping costs.

Custom Mailer Boxes are Ideal:

They are perfect for shipping heavy items. Especially the products that demand not to be bent. Moreover, the Custom Mailer Boxes Online create a great unboxing experience. At Supr Pack, you get mailer boxes in different exotic colors and sizes. 

Some Supr Selling Points:

  • Versatility - Use mailer boxes to ship small to large items in different sizes. Supr Pack offers mailer boxes in 13 different colors and different sizes.
  • Unboxing Experience - Create a wow-worthy experience for your customers. Supr Pack has designed the mailer boxes very strategically. The mailer boxes are made from 30% recycled E-flute, matte-finish, writable, and sturdy.
  • Super Protection - The mailer boxes are 1.5 mm-1.6 mm thick. They are sturdy and writable to give complete protection during shipping.

The Last Lines!

The perfect sustainable packaging product depends on the product size, weight, and shape. Don’t forget that mailer boxes and mailer bags both have different strengths. Both are comparable based on what needs to be shipped inside them. Moreover, at Supr Pack, no matter what you choose between mailer boxes and mailer bags, you choose environmentally friendly packaging that is customizable with your brand logo. So, what keeps you from ordering your branded packaging products while taking sustainable footprints? Wait No More! Get your Mailer Boxes and Bags Now.