Custom Mailer Box VS Custom Mailer Bags: What to Choose?

Are you confused between Custom Mailer Box and Custom Mailer Bags? Don’t stress. We have curated a blog to help you out as best as possible. The whole blog is written to help you understand why and when a mailer box or mailer bag will be the suitable packaging for your product. Moreover, at Supr Pack, we don’t just help businesses with packaging solutions; we customize them using soy-based ink. Any business gets packaging solutions personalized with their brand logo. So, now let’s jump on to understanding the difference between eco-friendly mailer bags and boxes. 

What’s the difference between a Custom Mailer Box and a Shipping Box?

Supr Pack’s mailer boxes are ideal for accurately positioning the product inside due to 3D cutting E-flute material. The custom mailer box is load-bearing and pressure-resistant. The custom mailer boxes at Supr Pack are available in 13 unique colors and 14 different sizes. Supr Pack’s Custom Mailer Boxes are industrial-compostable, Acid-Free, and FSC Certified. On the other hand, shipping boxes are more reliable for heavy goods when sealed properly. They are single-use boxes and are not meant for until they are sturdy enough again. Hence, it requires to be recycled again.  

What are Mailer Bags used for?

The mailer bags at Supr Pack are available in 4 different sizes and 3 different colors. They are known to be used for Toys, Socks, Masks, Charge, Eyewear, Wallet, Phone Case, Handkerchief, Corrugated Boxes, Belts, Vests, Pillows, Kids Clothing, Perfume, Undergarments, Jeans, Trousers, Sweaters, Sports Items, Handbags, Cosmetics, Men Grooming Kit, Footwear, Paintings, Small Blankets, Baby Kits, etc. 

Custom Mailers

What are Mailer Boxes used for?

The custom mailer boxes are used to ship products safely in a branded presentation for an unforgettable unboxing experience. When packaging products in mailer boxes less other packaging material like padding or tape is used. Supr Pack’s custom mailer boxes align with environment-safe packaging practices as they are industrial compostable and are FSC Certified.  

Do Mailer Boxes need to be taped?

When packaging products in mailer boxes, less other packaging material like padding or tape is used. 

How much does a Mailer Bag weigh?

The mailer bag size is 7.5” x 10.5” and weighs around 0.03 ounces. Hence, the mailer bags are less weighty than custom mailer boxes. 

What size Mailer Bag do I need?

The size of the mailer bag depends on the product you want to pack. However, at Supr Pack, mailer bags are available in 4 sizes. 

What is the material used in the Poly Mailer?

The poly mailers available at Supr Pack comprise 70-80% PBAT (an entirely compostable co-polymer) and 20-30% PLA (cornstarch).

What are the different types of Poly Mailers?

There are a variety of poly mailers available at Supr Pack. The most common ones are standard mailers that can be customized. You can also order kraft paper mailers, hex padded mailers, and bubble mailers. 

What are the benefits of using Poly Mailers?

Super Pack’s poly mailers are waterproof, reusable, sturdy, durable, and non-transparent, and come in 60um thickness. 

What are the different products that can be shipped with Poly Mailers?

The poly mailers can used for shipping products like clothing, home decor furnishing items, stationery, eyewear, books, perfume, etc. 

What size Poly Mailer is ideal for hoodies?

The XL or XXL size of Supr Pack’s poly mailer is ideal for hoodies.

What size Custom Mailer Box is ideal for a shoe box?

We have custom mailer boxes available in 14 different sizes. Depending on the size, you can order any of the sizes. 

The Last Lines!

Order warm grey custom mailers, Compostable Pink Mailers, or custom mailer boxes. Don’t forget our packaging solutions will remain safe for your brand and the environment. Every time you send your products in our packaging material, you will surprise your customers.