Custom Mailers to Deliver Products Safely

The eCommerce industry sounds super fascinating, and I want to kickstart the venture. Looking at eCommerce from the outside, it has huge profits with minimal investment. But, sometimes, the blood, sweat, and tears go unnoticed.🫠 No one puts much pressure thinking about what integrals make up a high-profitable business. Many business owners at an initial stage just assume about getting the products manufactured and marketed right to make them available for the target audience. The main pillar, i.e., the packaging through which the product reaches the customers safely, gets missed. 😟This further results in a poor unboxing experience. Here, Supr Pack, as a custom packaging company, feels sad. Not only this, but the negative side of the business has started coming out online. All in all, the overall brand presence is impacted. So, what can be done to protect the brand’s image and the products reaching customers, as shown in the pictures? 

Well, that’s undoubtedly manageable if the product packaging is prioritized. In today’s advanced world, different types of packaging are sold by companies. In the same way, we, Supr Pack, are also on a mission to help businesses make an impression with compostable packaging. As for us, Mother Earth and your brand image are the two sides of the coin. We manufacture different compostable packaging in different colors, shapes, and quantities per your brand guidelines. To help you get the packaging meeting your brand goals, we deliver packaging products in small amounts. In our eyes, every business is equal😊

So, now let’s have a sneak peek at our hot-selling products that every other brand is ordering from us🫣

Custom Mailers:-

The custom mailers have given us a boost of motivation. Custom Mailer Bags are the most in-demand product of Supr Pack. Due to their advantages, every business is behind them as they are a must-buy. They come in different sizes and colors and have various benefits that result in safe product delivery. Your unboxing experience gets on to the next level.

Our Supr Pack Shelf has Black Custom Mailers, Warm Grey Custom Mailers, Custom Padded Mailers, Custom Honeycomb Mailers, and Custom Kraft Paper Mailers. Each one of them differs in style. You can pick one per your requirements, and we will customize it to make it your brand’s movable asset. 

Our black and warm grey custom mailers are recommended for shoes, stationary, electronic, and clothing items. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight up to 5kg. The materials used in making these compostable mailers are 70-80% PBAT and 20-30% PLA. One can use these Shipping Mailer for a minimum of three months. It comes with a shelf life of 12 months. 

Supr Features of Black & Warm Custom Mailers: 

  • Waterproof
  • Reusable
  • Non-Transparent
  • Sturdy
  • Premium Matte Finish
  • Writable

Supr Certifications of Black & Warm Grey Custom Mailers:

  • AS5810 Home Compostable
  • AS4736 Commercially Compostable

At Supr Pack, you can choose custom honeycomb and padded mailers. These two mailers are highly recommended for cosmetics, bottles, documentation, stationery, and home furnishings. The honeycomb and padded mailers are recommended for fragile items. To know more about custom honeycomb mailers and custom padded mailers, you can Supr Pack’s official website. 

In a Nutshell!

Custom mailers are a super duper packaging solution as they solve all problems of delivering products safely to the customers. Then, the customers can reuse these Shipping Mailers as they have double adhesive tape. Further, cutting the custom mailers into pieces and putting them in the soil makes them easily compostable. These custom mailers convert themselves into nutrients for plants. So, what awaits you more? Get your hands on our custom mailers today.