How Custom Hangtags Can Make Your Product POP?

You may not realize it, but the hang tag you choose is crucial to selling your products and creating your brand. It is the first thing consumers see and is your brand's ambassador, just like an employee name tag, except nicer. That is why every element, from colour and shape to the information and photos you put on it, must be designed with as much attention as your collection.

Consider this: what do you do first when you see a blouse or jacket you like? To figure out what it's all about, you glance at the tag. So it's essential to pay attention to what your Custom Hang Tags says or doesn't say. You also have the unique chance to "talk" directly to consumers and engage them with a hangtag. Plus, in a sea of endless white tees or dark jeans, that tag may genuinely help your goods stand out, resulting in more sales and publicity.

Custom Hang Tags

Marketing Strategies for Hang Tags: Increase the Value of your Brand

Many designers make the mistake of viewing a hang tag as a disposable object when, in fact, it is a potent marketing tool. A hangtag can be used in various ways to help your brand's sales and reputation, from showcasing your brand's unique emblem to offering sales discounts.

Here's how to go about it:

1.Increase your Brand's Recognition

Do you have a unique logo that you want customers to recognize right away? Please put it on the front of your hang tag so that while they're scanning racks of items, they'll easily recognize yours. This method works successfully because when customers see a recognized hangtag, they are more likely to overlook other clothes.

Also, include critical corporate information, such as your company's site URL, so that they may learn more about what you have to offer and share your information with family and friends.

2. Make use of Images

Visualizing what a blouse or pair of shoes will look like off a hanger and on a natural person without having to try them on can persuade a consumer; therefore, including an image of a model wearing the products is another excellent option. That one image is worth a thousand words when selling your product.

You may even have the model wear a complementary garment in the photo and provide information about it, giving you a two-for-one marketing boost.

Custom Hang Tags

3. Product Specifications

The product information should be present on your hang tag regardless of what you put on it. Customers don't like searching inside hangers for sizing or the materials you use, so make sure it's visible. You can also mention anything unique about your product, such as the fact that you donate a portion of your profits to cancer research or utilize dye-free materials.

4. Pricing and Special Offers

Putting pricing or discount information on a hangtag is an intelligent approach to use it to your advantage; you can print it directly on the label or add a price sticker. Make sure the numbers are legible. If you're feeling very inventive, transform the hangtag into a coupon, offering customers a discount on their next purchase if they display the hangtag.

Summing It Up!

As you can see, hang tags have the power to make or break a brand. Supr Pack can assist you if you want to make a one-of-a-kind Custom Hang Tags. From picking a design to figuring out the details, we'll help you through the entire process and create the hangtag of your dreams. You'll discover everything your company needs here, including compostable packaging, eco-friendly labels, retail packaging, and more! Contact Supr Pack immediately to boost your brand and increase sales.