Are you one of those who gets that warm fuzzy feeling when you think of helping the environment? When you are contributing to the world in a way where the earth can breathe better, you feel you are doing your part. But, if you are one of those people who find ways to decrease the waste and are conscious of what you use and go to the landfill, you are in the right place. Supr Pack has been developing compostable mailers that are fully biodegradable and can be recycled.

How To Reuse Supr Pack Compostable Mailer Bags?

When a company or organization states that they are offering you compostable bags for the products instead of plastic bags, they are made from vegetable matters, mainly starch or potato. This enables the bag to break down fully under the right environmental condition.

When a bag is labelled as ‘Home Compostable,’ the bag doesn’t have to be sent to a compostable factory. Instead, it can be composted at home.

Supr Pack is one such company that offers Home Compostable mailer bags, so before you put them into your compostable heap or send it to the factory, here are some ways you can get more out of the bag. 

  1. Another Parcel

Most Supr Pack mailer bags come with a second seal. So once you have cut the bag across the first seal, the second one is still intact. Take the product out, and when required, you can easily put another item in and reseal it with the second seal. Use the mailer bag as another parcel instead of throwing it away. 

  1. Reuse it for storing

Once you get any product in the Supr Pack compostable mailer or have used it once to store an item, you can reuse it again. Cut the seal of the bag with a sharp knife or pair of scissors and take the product out. Use the bag again to put other items in and keep it.

  1. Bin Liner

Once you have used both the seals of the Supr Pack compostable mailer bag, you can use it as your bin liner. It works as a garbage bag without any issue, mainly if you intend to throw any food waste or other compostable items. 

  1. Poo Bag

Supr Pack Compostable bags come in different sizes. There are extra small bags too, which can be reused for your dog or cat’s poo bags. All you have to do is pick up the poo with the bag and let it compost.

  1. Compost It

Once you have used all the possible recycling methods for the Supr Pack Compostable Mailer bags, it’s time to let them go back to the earth. You can compost it at home or a compostable facility. The bags take between six to eight weeks to fully decompose.

Final Words

Supr Pack compostable padded mailers bags are home compostable and eco-friendly. They have received AS5810 Home Compostable & AS4736 Commercially Compostable certificates from Australia and  American Standard ASTM D6400, European Standard EN13432. It is hence fully safe to use, and while using the bags, you are ensuring better earth and happy customers with a customized bag.