New Year’s Gift Exclusive - Unveiling 2023’s Hottest Seller

Hey, business tycoon 🤗Welcome to 2024 and your fave place, Supr Pack’s blog section. We have unwrapped packaging inspiration, some informational guides, and new product announcements in the past years. But today, we have something exciting to give, i.e., telling our 2023 hottest seller by sharing this most valuable secret of our business. We want you to understand what other businesses use for their packaging. It is pretty understood that if companies use a specific type of packaging, customers demand it. However, many businesses believe packaging is not that important. But, when they get returns of their products with the feedback of poor packaging experience, they realize how packaging makes a difference. So, we thought this information deserves to be the best gift for New Year. Also, we will unfold the reasons why that product became 2023’s hottest seller as per our market study.

Black Mailers Bags were the hottest seller of 2023. 

Black  Mailers Bags
What Makes Black Custom Mailers Environmental Friendly?

The custom mailers are manufactured using cornstarch. Due to the presence of cornstarch, the custom mailer breaks down into nutrient-rich compost whenever you discard the mailer. It ultimately reduces landfill waste and makes our planet healthy. 

Why were Black Custom Mailers the Hottest Seller of 2023?

At the front, we have a dedicated space for the company’s brand logo in a single color. They have a top-notch quality, which makes them reusable for multiple uses. The black custom compostable mailers are sturdy, writable, and come with a matte finish. The Black Mailer Bags Australia are AS5810 Home Compostable and AS4736 Commercially Compostable. Our in-house manufacturing team has chosen the material very carefully, i.e., 20-30% PLA (cornstarch) & PBAT up to 70-80%, a co-polymer, an entirely compostable material. The material used in manufacturing Supr Pack’s Compostable Mailer Bags makes them environment-friendly. Also, the black custom mailers come with a shelf life of up to 1 year. 

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Black Custom Mailers?

You can order as few as 10 black custom mailers initially. You can increase your requirements whenever you want. The total lead time will take up to 15 working days.

How many sizes come in black custom mailers?

The black custom mailers come in 4 different sizes, i.e., S: 200 x 800 MM, S-M: 260 x 385 MM, L: 395 x 455 MM, and XL: 420 x 594 MM. 

Is Supr Pack’s Black Custom Mailers Fully Customizable?

With Supr Pack, you get small-batch customizations for eco-friendly packaging that help industries and businesses boost branding. 

The Last Lines!

2023 was full of amazing surprises for Supr Pack. Yes, the black custom mailers became the hottest seller. But you don’t need to order them in black only. You can get custom mailers in different colors, i.e., warm grey and pink. We have a wide range of custom mailers in different materials, i.e., Kraft Paper Custom Mailers, Custom Hex Padded Mailers, Custom Bubble Mailers, and Stock Bubble Mailers. You can also check out our website for various custom packaging solutions such as Water Activated Tape, Embossed Stickers, Custom Branding Tags, Custom Cards and much more.