Supr Pack’s Hot Selling Packaging Products

Heyya! Welcome to the Supr Pack blog. Today, we have something exciting to share with you. This information will help you make a choice amongst our wide range of packaging solutions available. There is no doubt that packaging can greatly impact your customers’ unboxing experience. We also understand you don’t want to compromise on serving your customers. So, here is a sneak peek into what other businesses are ordering from us in large quantities. However, we process orders in small batches as well. All our custom packaging products are available for every business size. Afterward, we want you to check precisely what our Add To Cart page looks like😁

Let’s hop onto a list of Supr Pack’s Hot Selling Products: 

Custom Sticker Sheets - Stick your unique brand image in front of the customers with our Custom Sticker sheets. They are easy-peeling, so you don’t need to worry about the sticker getting cracked or damaged easily. The simple, unique shapes are carefully optimized for space. They can also be used as product labels. With just one stick, your brand reputation gets spread. 

A Look Inside into the Custom Stickers:

  • Supr Shapes - The custom stickers are available in 4 different shapes i.e., rectangle, triangle, round, and rectangle. You can simply share your requirements if you want the custom stickers in other shapes such as star, cloud, dome, etc. 
  • Printing Side - All the stickers are manufactured using soy-based ink and are printed on acid-free paper. They are water-resistant, made from Recycled Tissue Paper, and sustainable. 
  • In-House Manufacturing - Supr Pack has its manufacturing unit in Asia, which lets us manufacture the products in small quantities, ensuring the quality isn’t compromised. 
  • Quality Custom Stickers - Custom stickers are best known for their quality as they are compostable, durable, water-resistant, and internationally certified. 
  • Supr Shipping - Supr Pack offers free shipping to its customers. They also follow initiatives benefiting the environment and providing carbon-neutral shipping.  

At Supr Pack, a wide range of custom stickers of different qualities are available. Browse through the website to know more. 

Custom Kraft Paper Mailers - Deliver customers the product they ordered and an unboxing experience they remember for ages. You aim to provide a tactile sensation that leaves a lasting impression, leading to word-of-mouth referrals and customer loyalty. The custom kraft paper mailer will add excitement to the unboxing journey. Adding your logo, QR codes, and much more can create a connection through personalization. 

A Little More About The Custom Kraft Paper Mailers:

  • Fully Customizable - Supr Pack doesn’t do its branding on the front. This signifies that all the space is yours, so you can easily show off your brand. 
  • Printing Quality - The kraft paper mailers are printed using soy-based ink, ensuring complete compostability. 
  • Top-Notch Overall Quality - The custom kraft paper mailer is 120 GSM. It is FSC-certified, recyclable paper, and acid-free. It is fully naturally compostable, reusable, sturdy, writable, and has a premium matte finish. 
  • Availability of Sizes - The Kraft paper mailers come in 2 different sizes. One is available in M - 325 (W) x 350 (H)mm & L-385 (W) & 445(H)mm. 
  • Usage - Kraft paper mailers can be used for clothing, toys, books, bottles, cosmetics, stationery, documentation, and home furnishings. It can hold up to 5kg. The Kraft paper mailers are not recommended for fragile products. 

Custom Honeycomb Mailers - Choose a packaging solution that is stronger than steel. The outstanding packaging innovation is known as custom honeycomb mailers. The sandwich layers inside the mailer act as an I-beam. It is lightweight and ideal for companies looking forward to reducing their shipping costs. The rigid structure of the custom honeycomb mailer is waterproof and durable. It a perfect fit for brand and the environment. 

Outstanding Features of Custom Honeycomb Mailers:

  • Supr Brand Design - Supr Pack lets you put your brand on the forefront by offering ample space to showcase your logo. 
  • Customizations - The Honeycomb Padded Mailers are customized using soy-based ink, showing they are completely compostable. 
  • Top-Class Quality - It is a naturally compostable, sturdy, recyclable, writable, and krafty-matte finish honeycomb mailer. It has FSC-certified hex padding inside the mailer, which completes protection for the product. 
  • Different Sizes - The custom honeycomb mailer is available in 5 different sizes. All the sizes fit the brand and environmental needs.
  • Usage - It can be used to deliver skincare, cosmetics, glass bottles, home decor, and fragile items. It is the best alternative to mailer boxes. 

Color Tissue Papers - Add a personalized touch to your products with our color tissue paper. It will help you grab your customers’ attention while adding a tint of luxury to your brand image. Your customers can further reuse it to wrap the products. Moreover, it’s a gift for the environment as it is home compostable and recyclable. 

The Eye-Catchy Features of Custom Tissue Paper:

  • Supr Quality - The custom tissue papers are FSC Certified and Acid-Free. It comes in 17GSM and 30GSM and is available in 2 different sizes. 
  • Environmental Friendly - Supr Pack’s custom tissue paper is naturally compostable and eco-friendly. It is manufactured using soy-based ink, i.e. it is fully home compostable. 
  • Manufacturing - The Color Tissue Paper is manufactured in-house, which leaves no room for error. 
  • Small Quantity Available - The custom tissue papers are available in small quantities. It becomes affordable for small businesses to order and creatively showcase their brand image.
  • Free Shipping - Businesses ordering custom tissue papers are not required to pay for the tissue paper delivery. Supr Pack provides free shipping, which is carbon neutral, to take care of the environment in a better way.  

Custom packaging products can give a new birth to your brand. You can remind your customers of your business every time. You are giving them a chance to order in the future. After all, choosing custom packaging products with us is for more than just your customers. It is more for the environment as well.