Top 4 Mailer Packaging Bags

Ship the lightweight products in custom mailer bags. Let your brand logo be the first to capture your customer’s attention. Supr Pack’s shipping mailers can be customized in soy-based ink for composability. With compostable mailers, you can take the sustainable route of saving the environment and delivering your packages safely. At Supr Pack, we believe in offering you an opportunity to strike a delicate balance between keeping products safe & decreasing the overall shipping costs. Our custom mailers can be used for fragile products, and at Supr Pack, we have different mailer packaging available. 

Custom Compostable Mailers
  1. Custom Compostable Mailers—We have custom compostable mailers made up of 20-30% PLA, i.e., cornstarch, and 70-80% PBAT, which are entirely compostable co-polymers. They are available in 3 colours, i.e., Pink, Black, and warm Grey, in 4 Different Sizes. You can order a minimum of 10 custom mailers at the start. You can rely on Supr Pack’s custom mailers as they are Reusable, Non-transparent, Waterproof, Sturdy, Readable, and Premium-Matte Finish. 
  2. Kraft Paper Mailer Bags—Try our top-notch krafty-matte finish mailer packaging bags in 120 GSM, Acid-Free, FSC-certified, recyclable Paper. The kraft paper mailers are double-adhesive to make them suitable for reusability. You can order a minimum of 50 kraft paper mailers in 4 different sizes. When you choose kraft paper mailers, you make a switch to an eco-friendly solution that is eco-friendly, and durable. 
  3. Hex Padded Mailers - This mailer packaging is also known as honeycomb padded mailer packaging. You can choose these mailers for breakable products such as skincare, cosmetics, jars, glass bottles, home decor, and other fragile products. The kraft paper hex padded mailers are naturally compostable, sturdy, writable and premium-matte finish packaging products. When you make up your mind for hex padded mailers, you show your dedication towards the environment and safe delivery for the customers. 
  4. Custom Bubble Mailers - Get your hands on our bubble mailers to protect your fragile products from breakage during shipping. The outer layer of bubble mailers is FSC Certified, and the inner is 70-80% PBAT and 20-30% Biodegradable cornstarch. You get 2 color options, i.e. White and Brown 3 Different Sizes. 
Custom Compostable Mailers

Top Ways for Using Mailer Packaging:

Supr Pack’s mailer packaging is wide. Moreover, all the packaging products are environmentally friendly and internationally certified. Depending on your product, you can select which mailer packaging would be ideal. However, one can use mailer packaging for:

  • Cosmetics 
  • Home Decor Items
  • Wallet
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Stationery
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Grooming kits & Many More Items

The Final Words!

Mailer Packaging is an ideal packaging solution for almost every product. You need to pick the perfect one, keeping in mind the size and product type. At Supr Pack, we have different mailer packaging options. Not only the mailers, we have other packaging solutions, which include Tissue Wrapping Paper, Custom Stickers, & Much more.