Top 4 Supr Pack Custom Bags for Positive Brand Impression

Don't just toss the products in a dull brown colored cardboard box with a lot of paper inside the package. By doing so, you are contributing to the environment's waste and missing out on a BIG opportunity, i.e., Branding. Or, let's believe that you successfully get a logo impression on the cardboard box. But what about the brand feel? What about making your customers relate to your brand? What about surprising them with a wonderful unboxing experience? You may not have the answer to these questions, but that's absolutely fine. As we, Supr Pack, have different packaging solutions. With us, you can get custom shopping bags, custom ziplock bags, compostable garment bags, and Sustainable Custom Glassine Bags. Now, you might have noticed a common word, i.e., CUSTOM. So, let's first understand custom packaging bags and their meaning. 

Sustainable Custom Glassine Bags

What are Custom Packaging Bags?

The custom packaging bags at Supr Pack are different packaging options that fulfill various needs. When it's about customization, how you want to showcase your packaging in front of customers is totally in your hands. You can select the color, brand logo, and size. 

You don't need to imagine at Supr Pack, for this customization and how your custom packaging will look. Our designers will give you an idea of how your packaging will look like. The custom packaging bags will make your brand recognizable and stand out from your competitors. Moreover, you can only accept the safe delivery of your products. Now, let's have a look at the custom bags available with us: 

1. Custom Shopping Bags 

Shopping bags are a great packaging choice for retail outlets. The brand speaks a lot about the fashion statements with just a shopping bag. Supr Pack's custom shopping bags are made using recyclable paper. You can easily get your brand logo personalized using soy-based ink for positive brand impressions. The custom paper bags are available in 4 different sizes. The minimum order quantity is 100 shopping bags. 

2. Custom Ziplock Bags 

Supr Pack's ziplock bags can be used to package various products. You can ship products like clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more. The Custom Ziplock Bags are of top-notch quality, i.e., industrial compostable, breathable, waterproof, freezer-safe, leakproof, and reusable. The material used for manufacturing ziplock bags is cornstarch and 100% biodegradable material. You can order a minimum 50 ziplock bags in 3 different sizes.  

3. Custom Garment Bags 

 As the name speaks a lot, custom garment bags are a great packaging solution for sending clothes of 5 different sizes. Putting the garment bags under the light of how quality packaging products are, they are 30um-40um thick and made up of 70-80% PBAT and 20-30% PLA. The custom garment bags are internationally certified, i.e., AS4736 Commercially Compostable, AS5810 Home Compostable, European Standard EN13432, and American Standard ASTM D6400.

4. Custom Glassine Bags 

Custom glassine bags can be used for packaging products such as cosmetics, clothing, caps, accessories, documents, and stationery. Stock glassine bags are a great inner packaging solution. The glassine bags are recyclable, biodegradable, acid-free, reusable, tear-resistant, smooth, translucent, sturdy, and writable. The glassine bags are pH-neutral and resistant to lubricants, moisture, and air. You can order at least 50 custom glassine bags in 7 different sizes.

The Last Talk!

At Supr Pack, our mission revolves around making brands more recognizable through their packaging while reducing waste from the environment. Fortunately, Supr Pack offers stylish and custom packaging to make it more recognizable. Whenever a brand chooses our custom packaging solutions, it presents aesthetically beautiful packaging for its customers. Moreover, the packaging solutions are reusable and completely safe for the environment. Hence, every product delivered in Supr Pack's customized packaging solution brings a smile to customers' faces while contributing less waste to the environment.