Top 5 Key Considerations for Colored Custom Tissue Paper

Add a touch of elegance with our lightweight and thin colored custom tissue paper. Used for cushioning various packages, tissue papers play an important role in serving as an excellent addition to products in the beauty, fashion, and gift industries. The versatility of the tissue wrapping paper always uplifts your packaging game with a sense of refinement. However, to pick the right tissue paper for your packaging, you must consider various factors catering to different requirements. 

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Custom Tissue Papers:

When buying any White Custom Tissue Paper Roll for your packaging needs, it’s essential to look for various factors to make your packaging look attractive. 

  • Make sure the Design matches your Brand Colors 

Always choose the tissue paper that complements your brand. At Supr Pack, you can customize the tissue paper using the brand logo in soy-based ink. We have different color options, so choose amongst them for an enchanting visual presentation. 

  • Consider Its Durability 

The White Tissue Paper should be durable enough to not rip off. For perfect packaging, the tissue papers are supposed to be used smartly. Sometimes, we are required to fold it around a product. 

  • Check Transparency

Take into consideration the transparency of the tissue paper. It should be completely see-through for the desired perfect look. At Supr Pack, we have a wide range of translucent tissue papers that come in 17 GSM. 

  • Pocket-Friendly

The tissue paper should be affordable enough as it is the one element that can easily transform the packaging look. At Supr Pack, you get Colored Custom Tissue Paper available in 2 different sizes, in which you get 100 sheets. However, if you need more, you can order at your convenience. 

  • Environment-Safe

All our custom tissue papers, including Compostable Black Tissue Paper, Eco-Friendly Brown Tissue Paper, and others, are Acid-Free and FSC Certified. Supr Pack’s tissue papers are naturally compostable and customized using soy-based ink. 

Compostable Black Tissue Paper


Tissue papers have a huge role to play in the packaging. Various numbers have been available online, depicting how custom tissue paper makes brand packaging valuable. The customers feel joyous as the branded tissue paper gives them a next-level buying experience, connecting them with the brand. 

Does Tissue Paper Protect Packaging?

Tissue papers are used as protective packaging to ensure products are wrapped securely. 

Why do you use Tissue Paper when Packing?

Tissue papers are used in packaging to prevent dirt, dust, and scratches. 

How do you pack Tissue Paper nicely?

Tissue paper can be wrapped around the products creatively to make the packaging attractive. 

Is Tissue Paper good for Wrapping? 

Tissue papers are an amazing packaging material that provides exceptional packaging to protect sensitive items. 

Is it Ok to wrap food in Tissue Paper?

Various tissue papers are made from recycled paper. However, we suggest using ziplock bags as they are freezer-safe.