12 Innovative Uses of Custom Stickers

Looking for various ways to create buzz around your business? Do you want to display your business becoming an exciting brand caring for its customers? Simply choose to stick with our labels stickers this season. By choosing Supr Pack’s custom stickers, you increase your brand visibility and make your brand more shareable. Moreover, custom stickers consistently reinforce brand recognition and incentivize engagement. With us, you can choose from 8 different types of stickers and get the Sticker Rolls personalized in small batches.

Blind Embossed Stickers 

MOQ 250 Stickers

Eco-Friendly Sticker Rolls

MOQ 1000 Stickers in 1 Roll

CMYK Embossed Stickers

MOQ 250 Stickers

Compostable Clear Stickers Rolls

MOQ 1000 Stickers in 1 Roll

Recyclable White Paper

MOQ 100 Stickers

Compostable Sticker Rolls 

MOQ 1000 Stickers in 1 Roll

Recyclable Kraft Paper

MOQ 100 Stickers

Compostable White Paper 

MOQ 100 Stickers


Custom Stickers

Top 20 Different Ways for Using Custom Stickers in Product Packaging:

Supr Pack’s Custom Compostable Stickers can be used in 20 different ways to add a creative touch to your packaging: 

  • Show Gratitude 

Express how much you appreciate them whenever they make a purchase. Add “Thank You Messages” on your stickers along with a brand logo to excite customers.

  • Logo Seals

Use custom stickers as logo seals on the product packaging. Give a more branded and professional look for adding quality and authenticity. 
  • Information Labels

Don’t miss adding necessary information due to less space. You can add important information such as usage instructions, care tips, or ingredients on the stickers. 
  • Promotional Stickers

Promote discounts, upcoming events, or sales using promotional stickers. Add short messages to excite them to avail of the ongoing discounted sale. 

  • Limited Edition

Choose to create exclusiveness by using limited-edition compostable clear stickers. Drive urgency and excitement amongst customers. 

  • Eco-friendly Labels

Add a touch of eco-friendly features to your products. Show you care for your environment with Supr Pack’s FSC Certified and Acid Free custom stickers.

  • Social Media Tags

Ask customers to share their purchases socially by putting pictures of custom stickers. Also, ask them to tag your brand on social media. 

  • Discount QR Codes

Add peel-off QR code stickers that take customers to exciting ongoing discounts. This way, you will be able to engage in customer loyalty.

  • Scanner to User Manuals

Get the custom stickers personalized in a scanner that takes customers to the user manual of your products. This will give instant and easy access to the additional product information. 

  • Handle with Care Labels

Use custom stickers to ensure the products are handled carefully. You can get them personalized, indicating the package contains fragile items. 

  • Differentiate Products

If you are sending different products in a variety of packages. Start using stickers to differentiate products. This will help your customers identify each piece of content. 

  • Scented Label Stickers

Use Custom Embossed Stickers for different scents. The stickers can be customized in such a way as to display the product’s fragrance. 

Embossed Paper Stickers

In a Nutshell!

Once you make up your mind about which sticker best suits your requirements. Decide the color, shape, and size of the Embossed Paper Stickers or compostable sticker rolls. Supr Pack has various custom stickers available to excite customers like never before. Supr Pack has ensured that all the stickers should be waterproof, environmentally friendly, and customized using soy-based ink for absolute compostability.