Difference between Compostable, Degradable & Bio-degradable material!

Compostable: Compostable materials are 100% biodegraded into organic fertilizer with in particular time frame (usually 6-9 months) depending on thickness and composting process. If you put compostable materials in an industrial compostable facility, it only takes 90 days & no metal and poison substances are found. The trustworthy compost certification can‘t be obtained until rigorous compost testing which is done by appointed organization by the country and it renews every year. The testing process generally includes Disintegration test, Non-toxic test, Heavy metal content test & Compost test. Suprpack offers compostable packaging materials for environmental safety.

Degradable: Degradable material is material which helps in breaking the plastic bags. Producers around the globe adding degradable material in their plastic packaging products so it helps plastic packaging breaking into small pieces naturally. However the plastic has been used to produce those packaging bags is still there and it can take decades to.....

Biodegradable: There are some types of bio-based materials which are added into the traditional plastics packaging when being produced, most of which are still plastic not Degradable or Compostable. Those packaging mater will break into plastic particles, which seriously pollute the environment, especially soil and water and it can't be composted. Suprpack offers biodegradable packaging materials for environmental safety.


Suprpack takes environment very seriously and we want to bring the change in packaging material. Therefore we offers eco friendly packaging materials, biodegradable stickers, eco mailers, biodegradable custom tissue paper, compostable stickers, etc. in Australia.