Gift Customers a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Did you know? Your customers don't just wait for a parcel whenever you send it. Instead, they wait for a lavish unboxing experience. They look forward to moments of happiness. It is the time when you have a chance to surprise them with a memorable experience. This can be done by making your packaging bespoke. The product packaging can be made attractive by using Custom Packaging Tape, embossed stickers, or different packaging styles.

Moreover, the unboxing experience boosts engagement between customers and the brand. They also evoke a special kind of an aura by channeling the approach into the packaging and the delivery. The unboxing experience is more of a branding strategic move that keeps your brand at the center. We at Supr Pack are not saying that customer experience comes only from nice packaging. Instead, it is a combination of physical product, positive emotional experience, and the perceived value of an experience. Now, let's understand what packaging products can enhance your packaging:

  1. Embossed Stickers - Elevate your brand's image with our embossed stickers. Order a minimum of 250 stickers in 5 different colors and shapes, including Circle, Rectangle, Square, Star, and more. Choose between blind custom embossed stickers and custom printed embossed stickers & labels. Our Embossed Stickers are not just customizable; they're also acid-free, recycled, FSC-certified, sustainable, and water-resistant, and they come with a strong adhesive. These stickers are designed to make your brand look and feel luxurious, giving your customers a sense of exclusivity.
    Sustainable Shipping Packaging
  2. Custom Roll of Stickers — Order a minimum of 1 roll, in different shapes and colors. Depending on your product type, you can choose between custom-printed and clear stickers. The quality of Custom Stickers Rolls is waterproof, sustainable, and printed using soy-based ink. Supr Pack's custom roll of stickers can be used as shipping labels and stickers.
  3. Custom Printed Stickers - Order as few as 100 custom-printed stickers in different shapes, paper, and colors. You can personalize the custom stickers to meet your branding needs. They are eco-friendly quality brand ambassadors customized with soy-based ink. They come with water-based adhesive.
  4. Custom Packaging Tape—Seal the brand value in style with our custom packaging tape. You can order a minimum of 5 tape rolls in 2 different papers, kraft paper and white paper. The quality is considered durable, waterproof, strong, tamper-proof, FSC Certified, and Eco-Friendly. Packages that weigh more than 10kg can easily be secured.
    Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials
  5. Shopping Bags - Order at least 100 shopping bags in 4 different sizes. The bags can easily be customized with soy-based ink. Supr Pack's shopping bags are eco-friendly. They are perfect for retail and small businesses aligning with the brand style.


The customer experience is the first and last impression your brand makes before a customer sees the actual product. It needs to be exciting and attractive, but also responsible. The quality of your product and the sustainability of your packaging go hand-in-hand in making your brand shine. So, order today and choose our sustainable packaging solutions, knowing that you're making a responsible choice for your brand and the environment.