Every day, we scour our houses for new and inventive ways to repurpose and recycle the items we find. Gift-wrapping isn't an exception!

When we receive a gift, we want to conserve the wrapping paper and custom tissue paper to utilize them later. But how can you repurpose tissue paper in the first place?

  1. Try 3D Tissue Art First

Paint by numbers has seen its day. Tissue paper and glue are all that's needed for this time-honoured tradition: kids "colour" a picture. Apply one piece of crumpled tissue at a time to the picture by dabbing it onto a glue-soaked sponge. To create a stunning 3D appearance, repeat the technique until the entire picture is covered in paper.

  1. A Stain Glass Window Fake

Stained glass art is an easy way to brighten up your home's windows to create a "frame" for your artwork; place strips of black construction paper on clear contact paper. Pieces of tissue paper can substitute for "glass" by pressing them into the gaps. When your child is finished, have them hang their work in a window that gets plenty of natural light.

  1. Decoration for festivals

By recycling gift wrap, you can get a jump start on your holiday décor for the festive season. To build a basic set of Christmas trees, roll paper into cone forms of varied sizes, or attach paper shapes to thread to create a beautiful banner or garland. Even unused tissue paper can be turned into beautiful mosaic ornaments for the Christmas tree.

  1. Decoration pieces for the season of Spring Blooms

Create beautiful paper flowers with only a few easy steps. To begin, cut your tissue paper into rectangles and pile five or six pieces on top of each other. Fold your tissue pieces in an accordion-like fashion next. Your "stem" is a pipe cleaner that you fasten in the middle of your folded paper. Your flower shape will then begin to emerge as you peel back the layers of tissue on each side. If you'd want to create a variety of "petals," try cutting the ends of your folded tissue into different shapes.

  1. A Paper Bowl Out Of Paper Tissue

Create your paper-mâché masterpiece with this easy-to-do glue project. Once the balloon has deflated, tape it to the end of a plastic cup. If you use this method, you'll provide your child with a solid foundation on which to build. Next is to cut or shred tissue paper into strips or squares, then glue them together. Make a bowl out of a balloon by applying Mod Podge to the top, then layering tissue paper and Mod Podge until the desired shape is achieved. Pop the balloon and remove it from the dish after the Mod Podge has hardened. Trim the bowl's top for a tidy edge, or leave it as-is if you want.

  1. Set up a campfire for some dramatic play

Make a campfire out of a blanket fort and use it for cooking imaginary mores or lounge around and telling scary stories. Glue the cardboard tubes to a solid cardboard foundation, leaving a space in the center for the battery-operated candle "light." Create "flames" by wrapping the candle in tissue paper and inserting it into the middle of your cardboard tube logs. Remember that you'll need to be able to turn the light on and off, so don't stick the candle to the tissue paper.

To wrap it all up!

Reusing and upcycling the printed tissue paper you receive in your Christmas and New Year's gifts is time well spent. For the sake of your customers, why not get them excited about opening their gifts by using this unusual wrapping paper?