Stickers are an excellent and effective marketing tool because they are versatile, conspicuous, and expressive. People of all ages enjoy them for their fun, ease of use, and timeless appeal. While stickers are ubiquitous in our daily lives, how many of us have ever wondered where they come from?

Who invented stickers?

Although many people believe that the sticker was invented in the 1700s, the stickers they are referring to are stamps, which impact the outcome depending on how you define a sticker. In this case, we've separated stamps and stickers into two distinct goods. Stan Avery, popularly known for his catchy nickname "Stan The Sticker Man," produced the first modern-day sticker in 1935. Stan used a washing machine motor, sewing machine parts, and a sabre saw. This machine is the first to produce self-adhesive labels, giving rise to the sticker, which was initially known as Avery Labels. Avery's company continues to create pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive stickers for labels, or stickers, until this day.

When did stickers become popular?

As his Avery Labels (Stickers) became more popular across America, the company expanded abroad, allowing it to grow in size and provide Avery with funding to refine the completed product. Later, Avery invented a rapid-release coating for the back of the labels, which allowed his creation to be readily peeled off without hurting the surface it was glued to.

In addition, the company devised a more efficient production technique that allows the complete sticker to be printed on a single production line instead of the previous multi-stage approach. This saved time, space, and money and allowed the company to keep up with the growing demand for his groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind sticker.

Why custom stickers in 2021?

One of the first reasons – and advantages – to use custom printed stickers on your package is that it is the most cost-effective way to promote your brand. This is also why many business owners and marketing gurus like to employ these sticky and entertaining promotional materials.

Another significant advantage of putting these sticky materials on your package is that they can be peeled off the cover and placed almost anyplace. Of course, since we're talking about packaging, you may put them wherever you like on the bags. However, keep in mind that the stickers you use should not obscure any crucial information on the packaging.

You don't have to choose between cheap branded packaging and cookie-cutter cardboard boxes. You can personalize your stickers and labels with the choice of your box. At a lesser cost than custom packaging, the stickers and labels identify your products as coming from your company. You can use the same label inventory on any shipment you send, no matter how big or little it is.

What difference can stickers make?

Stickers are incredibly cost-effective when compared to many other promotional mediums. Because stickers may be placed in so many places, many companies utilize them to promote their brand. Consider bulletin boards, signposts, packing, and personal stuff, among other things. Custom stickers are excellent goods to sell or give away as freebies to consumers on their way out. Stickers with entertaining patterns or catchy messages are popular among people of all ages. Allowing your consumers to use your stickers is an excellent approach to raise brand awareness.

People enjoy putting stickers on their goods, such as laptops, water bottles, skateboards, and cell phones. When someone places your sticker on something they own, they are effectively announcing to the world that they are a fan of your company. Consider it a personal recommendation from that person, resulting in word-of-mouth promotion for your sticker. Meanwhile, you lend a hand to Mother Earth by choosing Suprpack’s custom stickers that are available for as low as 50 in quantity. Moreover, they are a sustainable medium of packaging making your brand leave an impression. You can know more about custom stickers as well.

We hope that these recommendations can give you an idea of what difference can stickers make personalized stickers into your marketing activities in 2021.